Site Safe

The Electricity Act of 1992 states that all electrical products need to be of a high standard and quality, so that their maintenance and construction can meet the safety and health needs within the Electricity (Safety) Regulations.

The Act also requires that everyone take all the steps necessary to avoid serious damage.

Everyone who produces, supplies, imports, retails and trades electrical fittings or appliances in New Zealand has to make sure that their items are in-line with New Zealand’s established regulatory framework.  This applies to both imported and domestically produced fittings and appliances.

The regulations identify characteristics within products that are unsafe.

Safety requirements

All items must be in line with all the necessary safety requirements.  Recognized proof of essential safety is gotten through compliance with the necessary safety standards; these can be in the form of test reports from recognized testing laboratories.

The Site Safe-Audit Tool allows companies to manage and monitor their onsite performance.

Our site Safe-Audit tool is perfect, for both large and small projects. Our advisory team can also offer relevant safety and health advice and reviews for smaller projects.

Audit Tool Advantages

Gives quality information through site safety audit reports

Captures your website performance in real time

Audit reports, compiles statistical data and commentary on enhancement opportunities and positive actions identified

Gives industry comparative benchmarking statistics in an ‘easy to read’ format.

The comparison is based on industry audit results taken from the last 12 months, against your company’s audit report.

More on Benchmarking

One of the major features of our Site Safe auditing service is the ability to be a part of the benchmarking database. Benchmarking is a well-acclaimed process in both New Zealand and internationally for initiating and sustaining continuous enhancement.

By utilizing Site Safe’s auditing service, you will have the opportunity of benchmarking the performance of:

  • Construction activity
  • Individual site comparison
  • Overall company basis
  • Project value
  • Regional activity
  • Stage of completion

Benchmarking results enables us identify underlying problems so that we can build effective remedies.

Registered electricians

Why choose Grammar Electrical?

The moment you pick an electrician, you want to ensure the electrical work they do will be reliable and safe. For that reason, you should always work with a registered Electrician for all electrical services both at work or at home.

Because we are Registered Master Electricians, you can be sure that we meet the high safety and workmanship standards set down by the ECANZ.

Registered Electricians in Auckland since 1990

Grammar Electrical has been offering top quality electrical services all over Auckland since 1990. As registered Electricians, you can rely on us to offer the best standards of electrical work, maintaining safety in your workplace and home.

Plus, we are members of “Electrical Safety New Zealand” (ESNZ) and are “Safepower Assured” electricians. This guarantees that we will always perform your work in a professional and safe manner.

When you pick a Safepower Assured electrician, you also have the benefit of a $10,000 guarantee on all electrical work, so you have total peace of mind when working with us.

Fully certified and qualified electricians

Our top priority is your safety. That’s the reason all our electricians are New Zealand Registered and fully qualified, with a recent Practicing License. Also, all our Auckland electricians are police checked for your total peace of mind.

You will find out that they’re professional and well-presented when you call out to one of our electricians. They show up on time, get the job done in a brief period, and clean up after themselves, leaving your workplace or home tidy.

Mobile electricians operating all over Auckland

Even if you need an electrician in Newmarket or Ponsonby, Mt Albert or Mt Eden, Auckland Central or the suburbs, Grammar Electrical can assist. Our mobile electricians will happily travel anywhere in Auckland City to provide you with top quality electrical services.


Master Electricians

Q: How Many Electricians Do You Need To Change A Lightbulb?

A: None, You Can Do That Yourself

However, for most other jobs, you must utilize a licensed and registered professional who can give you the required certification, or you might be in for a shock if you ever need to make an insurance claim.

Always pick the right Electrician for the job.

The Master Electrician Guarantee

At Grammar Electrical we are proud of our work. Our electricians who are members of ECANZ offer a high level of customer service and strive to exceed expectations. We are consistent, transparent and fair in our dealings with all our stakeholders. We offer emergency electrical repairs in Auckland to fix urgent issues with electrical systems. The following are six reasons you ought to always use an Auckland electrician/emergency electrician with professional ECANZ membership;

ECANZ is the MASTER electricians brand for guaranteed workmanship. ECANZ provides a workmanship guarantee on domestic work for all master electricians, and if issues arise, ECANZ will try to resolve the problem in a reasonable and fair manner.

In New Zealand, ECANZ is known as the major electrical contracting trade association. It has a membership of 1,400 businesses and gives its members Service, Support, and Information.

A MASTER electrician’s ability to diagnose and suggest a solution would not be possible without several years of training and continuing professional development to keep abreast of the most recent technologies and methods. ECANZ ensures that all master electricians are constantly trained and their knowledge updated regularly.

To carry out electrical work for reward or hire, the MASTER Electrician ought to have a recent practicing license as well as carrying out safety refresher training bi-annually. ECANZ has a Quality Assurance program for its members to meet this including a high safety criteria.

You get a group of Auckland electricians who are specially trained and want to save you energy.

ECANZ owns ‘electrical training company’; ETCO employs apprentices and trains them off the job while our members train apprentices on the job to ensure the future of the Industry.



IQP Services

An Independent Qualified Person is needed by owners of commercial buildings or managers to ensure that their buildings adhere to a buildings compliance schedule. An IQP does or supervises inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures on a particular system. To carry out such function, IQPs must be registered with the appropriate local authority. The Electrical IQP Inspection for emergency lighting systems covers testing or simulating the operation of emergency lighting during a power outage. This process makes sure your premise or building is safe and compliant. Often, on – IQP checks are required monthly, and IQP checks are required on a yearly basis.

IQP Maintenance

Tests and checks during the inspection process determine if any fittings are non-compliant. Replacement of these fittings will be required. Sometimes we can immediately attend to corrective maintenance problems while on-site. Given either time or/and part supply constraints, we will make out time to return and finish up.

IQP Reporting

An important part of the compliance responsibility for building owners or/and tenants is the recording and reporting requirements. Each monthly check/test results need to be recorded in a log book and kept on-site. The IQP inspection done annually will need a 12A Form to be filled with respect to the Emergency Lighting System. This form with the other 12A Certificates/Form for other building services listed in the compliance schedule are part of the overall building warrant of fitness (Form 12).

Inspections for Building Warrants of Fitness is given by Grammar electric, including the testing of types 1 and two systems and the monthly ‘owner inspections’. Grammar Electrical will also garner 12a’s from other (IQP’s) and ensure timely issue of the annual warrant. Grammar Electrical has been offering this service for several years and enjoys great relationships with the Territorial Authorities, building managers and IQPs. IQP services we offers are as follows:

  • Access for Disabled
  • Automatic Doors
  • Backflow Prevention
  • Building Warrant of Fitness
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Alarm
  • Fire Extinguisher & Hose Reels
  • Fire Sprinkler
  • Form 12A Certificates
  • Inspections
  • Inspections and Issue
  • Inspections and Maintenance
  • Means of Escape
  • Safety Barriers
  • Signs
  • Special Hazards
  • Testing and Maintenance


Certificate of Compliance(COC) & Electrical Safety Certificate(ESC)

When your electrical work involves a little more than changing a light bulb, grammar Electric will supply you with an Electrical Safety Certificate (ESC) or Certificate of Compliance (COC), depending on the nature of the work carried out.

What’s the difference?

Certificate of Compliance (COC)

A Certificate of Compliance is supplied when the work requires additional new wiring. The additional new wiring is where the emphasis is placed here i.e. if we install a new light fitting or hot point, and it needs new wiring for this to occur, then, we need to supply you with a Certificate of Compliance.

Nevertheless, an Electrical Safety Certificate (ESC) is issued if the work is just maintenance or like replacement of fittings, fixture or accessories. In this case, the issuance of a Certificate of Compliance is not needed. We are just required to provide you an Electrical Safety Certificate. The emphasis here is on maintenance or replacement, for instance, if we replace a faulty light fitting, Hotpoint or part of an appliance, then we must issue an Electrical Safety Certificate (ESC).

The ESC symbol must be in an Electrical Safety Certificate. It is a legally recognized statement from the Registered Electrical Worker who has worked on your property stating that the part or full installation, or any fitting supplies for an installation or a part of an installation, is safe to use and follows prescribed electrical work.

This certificate also confirms that the electrical work complies with the building code for the purposes of Section 19(1)(e) of the Building Act.

An Electrical Safety Certificate is a necessary document and ought to be retained for at least seven years.

It also shows that your job has been done by a licensed and registered electrician.

Your CoC guarantees that

  • Your property has been tested.
  • Your property meets NZ safety standards

More Than The Bare Minimum

When you hire a Grammar Electrical Electrical team, you are getting more than what the law requires.

Grammar Electrical is a member of the Master Electricians Association.  This implies that each of our team has had their work reviewed by the industry advocate for excellence in the electrical profession.

Membership of ECANZ implies you’re offered a 12 months guarantee covering workmanship, up to $10,000.

Building Warrant of Fitness

Does your building need a Building Warrant of Fitness?

A building warrant of fitness shows that the specified systems identified on your building’s compliance schedule were properly maintained and tested in the previous year.

Councils require all commercial or industrial buildings or office blocks to have a compliance schedule. A compliance schedule is an inventory of all the specified systems required in your building to ensure your building is safe and healthy for members of the public to enter, occupy or work.

IQP’s or Independent qualified persons, like Grammar Electrical, are authorized by councils to inspect and certify that the specified systems identified on your buildings compliance schedule meet the requirements for inspections, performance standards, reporting procedures and testing to keep them working properly.

A Building Warrant of Fitness must be displayed on the site in a public area and must be visible to anyone entering the building.  Failure to display a current Building Warrant of Fitness can result in prosecution and fines of up to $20,000.00.

Grammar Electrical works with corporate bodies, Property Managers, and private building owners to ensure you have peace of mind knowing that your building is safe and healthy and meets all the requirements of your compliance schedule and that the Building Warrant of Fitness is issued on time

A Fully certified IQP Independent Qualified Person from Grammar electric can offer, survey, testing, and maintenance on the following systems:

  • Access-controlled doors
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Emergency power systems – Signs, Means of escape
  • Hand held hose reels
  • Manual or Automatic emergency warning systems
  • Means of access and facilities for people with disabilities.
  • Safety barriers.

With our agency network, we provide these services in most places in NZ.

Do you need additional services?

If your building needs additional services, we can co-ordinate with the appropriately qualified IQP to make sure your building meets all the necessary requirements.

Our contracts are clear, simple and with no strings attached. We can tailor a Building Warrant of Fitness package to meet your needs. We currently give annual Building Warrant of Fitness for hundreds of customers all over New Zealand.

Contact us for a full IQP inspection and warrant of fitness package to suit your requirements.

12 A

Every year, building owners are required by law to renew the BWOF of their buildings. This should be signed, issued and publicly displayed it to prove that the building’s safety systems have been maintained and inspected.

A Building Warrant of Fitness is a certification that shows the building’s safety systems have been inspected and maintained as required by the building’s compliance schedule.

The Building Warrant of Fitness must show that you have fully complied with the maintenance, inspection and reporting procedures of the compliance schedule for the previous year. This detail must be given on prescribed Form 12A of the Building (Forms) Regulations 2004. The form states the certain detail that must be added to the form 12A and the order it needs to be in.

The compliance schedule comprises:

a detailed description of each system

a performance standard for each system

The inspection and maintenance procedures needed to make sure that the systems keep on functioning as intended.

Certain systems help make sure that building is healthy and safe for people to occupy, enter or work in. for this, you need a Compliance Schedule & therefore an Annual BWOF containing a form 12A.

You need to have a BWOF if your building has any of these systems:

  • air conditioning systems or mechanical ventilations
  • any automatic back flow preventers connected to a potable water supply
  • audio loops or other assistive listening systems
  • automatic or electromagnetic windows or doors
  • automatic systems for fire suppression (for instance sprinkler system)
  • building maintenance units giving access to interior and exterior walls of buildings
  • Cable Car.
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • emergency power systems for, or signs relating to, a system or feature specified in any of clauses
  • escalators, lifts, elevators or other systems for moving goods or people within buildings
  • escape routes pressurization systems
  • laboratory fume cupboards
  • Manual or automatic emergency warning systems for fire or other dangers.
  • means of escape from fire
  • riser main for fire service use
  • smoke control systems
To schedule a visit from Grammar Electrical, contact us or complete this service request form. You’ll be glad you did.