Commercial Installation

Electrical Installations for Many Needs

We are capable of taking care of all types of electric installations which includes wire pulling, conduit, the setting up of as well as connection of a switchgear, and all the groundings integrated in business establishments like:


  • Distribution Centers
  • Warehouses
  • Machine shops
  • Office buildings


We have the ability to set up big and small manufacturing facilities, which includes the piping for air or water cooling. We also carry out grounding jobs for establishments that require unique grounding for ground beds or other distinct needs.


Every business is greatly concerned with power efficiency especially with the continuous increase in energy charges in New Zealand today. Based on collaboration with our partner firms, your current power usage can be monitored by grammar electric, and we can offer tips based on our findings on how to make the most your resources while saving cost.



Whether it’s installing well-organized lighting for a room or drafting and carrying out the main service for a key manufacturing facility, our electricians and contractors have the skills required to successfully conclude any type of project.


We carry out electrical contracting services for little organizations as well as bigger ones and industrial facilities. From huge major service installations, power factor rectification, allotment panels or just branch circuit installation Grammar Electrical can handle your needs.


Commercial Electrical Contractor for Industries of all Types and Sizes

We have years of experience installing manufacturing equipment, with electrical consumption requirements, for instance, forging and injection molding machinery. We establish networks for numerous pieces of equipment all through a plant, always allowing for growth and expansion.


So whether it’s a special Design Build from the scratch, or a straight bid to set up a new part of the equipment, Grammar Electrical will offer all the precise information you need to get your next project started.


We Possess the Replacement Parts You Need

The resources available at our service parts and hardware supply store implies that there will be a lower down-time while waiting for components. We maintain a huge catalog of most electrical replacement tools and pieces to complete any task without having to wait for supplies to arrive, a standout benefit over most other contractors.

To schedule a visit from Grammar Electrical, contact us or complete this service request form. You’ll be glad you did.