Emergency and Exit Lighting

Emergency and Exit Lighting

Can your staff & clients exit safely in an emergency?

In conjunction with other mandatory inspections, grammar electric offers Emergency and Exit Light periodic inspection, testing, tube cleaning and replacement as one of our fire safety compliance testing services. These routine processes ensure that relevant compliance requirements are met, accurately conducted and recorded.


By inspecting and testing the Emergency Exit lights in your premises, your company will be fulfilling its obligations under legislative requirements.


Grammar electric conducts compliance inspection every 6 and 12 months as required by the New Zealand’s standards.


We have technicians all over Auckland for Emergency and Exit Lighting services in accordance with new Zealand’s standard. Our Technicians are experienced when it comes to Central Point and single point Systems. We also offer a Maintenance Schedule for repair and replacement of lighting by qualified electrical contractors. We are now the go to for it most malls and retail shopping centers around New Zealand.


Our services are as follows:

  • Inspection and certification of emergency and exit lights
  • Replacement of batteries and lamps
  • Replacement of fittings where needed through our customer Maintenance Programs – work done by qualified electricians
  • Central Point System – computer based checks
  • Our customers include Retail outlets Franchises and chains Department Stores and Shopping Centres Industrial and Commercial Local Government Aged Care and Hospitals Offices and Body Corporates Accommodation and Hotels.
  • Grammar Electrical has successfully tested and maintained several models of Emergency Lighting for over 60 years in NZ, from mains powered to battery backup systems through the equipment and systems changes over the years, from extra low voltage systems to high voltage systems and intelligent addressable systems.
  • Our experienced and qualified electricians within our service department are always(24/7) available to service your Emergency lighting equipment.
  • With a large amount of customers now needing fewer service providers, Argus can provide a one stop shop to cover some your building emergency services.


If you are not compliant, you are not insured . . .


To schedule a visit from Grammar Electrical’s expert exit lighting service, contact us or complete this service request form. You’ll be glad you did.

To schedule a visit from Grammar Electrical, contact us or complete this service request form. You’ll be glad you did.