Test and Tag


The new law that has come into effect in New Zealand states that workplaces will need to show that their employees have a safe working environment that ensures their health and safety. Grammar Electrical is committed to providing all the compliance testing and replacement requirements for your workplace. Our company was designed to help you meet all practicable testing procedures, and our technicians and staff are fully trained and briefed on the standards and regulations that need to be met to ensure your compliance.


All tests are being recorded in real time by a test and tag system with a GPS location. It doesn’t only give assurance that testing has taken place, it provides you with an auditable record of service and validation. This gives you access to an appliance history and may help in any workplace investigation.


Why Grammar Electricalal?

We are proudly NZ owned and operated, offering national coverage, and we invest in our cloud-based testing & tagging system for continual enhancements and opportunities. All our technicians are licensed, qualified and fully supported by our Auckland-based Customer Service Team. We do not franchise our systems, nor do we contract work out so as to protect our intellectual property and offer 100% assurance of delivery of service.


Grammar Electrical ensures that all information regarding your asset is securely stored together with their compliance results.

Grammar electric is New Zealand’s best technology service provider of compliance testing.


This is how we meet your needs:

  • Offer real value for money.
  • Tailor our service to your needs.
  • Ensure flexibility to fit with your timing.
  • Use experienced technicians who are specialists in this field.
  • Ensure the safety of your staff and also, ensure you are fully compliant. We have experience in both retail and commercial sectors.
  • We are an established company with a national network of test and tag New Zealand technicians, therefore, you can trust us.


Please contact us for further inquiries or queries about our test and tag service. We would love to assist, so give us a call anytime, without any obligation.

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