Installation & Factory Relocation

Installation & Factory Relocation

Our machinery factory relocation and installations are fully project and CDM managed and can involve as few or as many of our services as required. We focus on quality and pay attention to details, and this makes us very successful with installations and relocations.


We understand the need for client partnership, complete care, flexibility, and safety when relocating machines and the testimonials from our clients serve as evidence of our commitment to these values. With our vast experience and unrivaled skill set, we are the best candidates to handle your projects.


We will:

  • Accurately load and safely move machines through private transport
  • Accurately re-assemble machinery and equipment, nationally or internationally.
  • Conclude heavy lifting of machinery through our wide variety of value, hydraulic gantries, cranes and so on.
  • Decommission existing machinery
  • Disconnect electrical and mechanical machinery
  • Dismantle and document components for re-assembly where needed.
  • Ensure accurate re-assembly by match-marking the whole transition process.
  • National and International road and permit management.
  • Pack machinery and associated parts securely in line with the appropriate transport methods.
  • Remove access platforms, walkways, and other infrastructure
  • Remove of floor fixings


For any project that has to do with the relocation of heavy equipment, we are the best. We move items from single heavy equipment to entire factories. We are client oriented and as such, we are always on the lookout for better ways to serve you.


A special team of engineers serves as back up for all our experienced technicians. We operate and maintain a fleet of personalized plant equipment, including hydraulic lifting equipment capable of lifting over 450 tons, fork lift trucks and a range of specializing cranes.


We always aim to meet and surpass your expectations, and this can only be done by delivering excellence and perfection.


To schedule a visit from Grammar Electrical’s installations and factory relocations service, contact us or complete this service request form. You’ll be glad you did.

To schedule a visit from Grammar Electrical, contact us or complete this service request form. You’ll be glad you did.