Power Factor Correction System

Power Factor Correction System

Enhance the effectiveness of your power systems, minimize power bills and avoid power-factor penalties from electricity distributors.


What is Power Factor?


This is a measure of how much of the electrical current delivered from the grid is utilized in work such as lighting, heating and turning electric motors at your site. It doesn’t mean energy efficiency as is generally believed but is a measure of the effectiveness of the electricity distribution system without placing an unnecessary extra load on it.


Poor power factor correction


Equipment used to correct power factor help in maximizing an electrical system’s efficiency. For instance, large capacitors can be used to release and store energy exactly out of time with the releasing and storing of energy in the magnetic fields of AC motors. This enables the unproductive energy to flow back and forth between the motor and the capacitors, rather than the main supply of electricity. The overall outcome is a much more efficient system.


Advantages of power factor correction:

  • Extended life span of plant machinery
  • Increased equipment capacity/ available load
  • Minimized power factor penalties and tariffs on your electricity bill
  • Enhanced system efficiency
  • Reduced greenhouse emissions
  • Better quality of electrical supply


The importance of power factor to New Zealand energy users is increasing, with the distributors of electricity steadily increasing their penalty charges and applying them to a wider range of client groups. In the Auckland region, a lot of customers are paying $2,500/ year for power factor and as at 2012 companies are now paying more than $10,000.


These charges are totally avoidable with the right equipment, engineering, and advice.  Grammar Electrical supplies power factor correction products from Captech and Ampcontrol, leading PFC device specialists. We also supply PFC systems components, including Eco-Cap capacitors, Frako capacitors, PFC controllers and PFC reactors; and capacitors for other applications such as electrical motors.


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