Uninterruptible Power Supply

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Services

UPS Systems are the backbone of environments that depend significantly on power. These important loads don’t rest and need round the clock dedication. Grammar Electrical is focused on offering that dedication for your organization. The loss of power to these serious loads can be overwhelming to your organization’s profitability. It may also lead to significant financial implications. An equipment maintenance plan is important to your machinery and is the most effective way to make sure that your UPS System will be effective when needed.


Grammar Electrical is an autonomous electrical Company focused on providing a wide range of repairs, diagnostic and preventative maintenance services with an emergency service that is active all day- everyday. We hire a wide variety of expert technicians, skilled engineers, and knowledgeable electricians focused on providing the best possible service. Our team is very experienced and skilled in operating and fixing UPS systems, some of which have over three decades of experience. We are dedicated to keeping up your power on with ground-breaking, cost-effective results.


Grammar Electrical is a one-stop shop for emergency maintenance solutions for all kinds and types of uninterruptible power supply equipment.


We are known for high-quality service delivery, and this is due to our technical proficiency, durability, and understanding of the power protection business.


Apart from offering factory support, we also service other UPS Systems directly for the client, including brands such as Best, HDR, Staco, Deltec, APC, Powerware, Liebert and Chloride.


UPS Services we provide:

  • 7 x 24 onsite UPS services
  • Consistent service delivery with documented scopes of work and procedures
  • Detailed Reports promptly after every visit
  • Emergency troubleshooting by senior technical staff
  • Full Installation and Start Up
  • Guaranteed Response Times
  • Infrared Thermograph of the UPS
  • Supervision and Consulting for Contractor Installations
  • UPS Corrective Repairs
  • PS Maintenance Contracts


The returns on investment for our service is very high as it reduces critical load exposure to downtime and also reduces emergency failures.

Uninterruptible Power Supply!

Unstoppable Innovation.


To schedule a visit from Grammar Electrical’s expert UPS service, contact us or complete this service request form. You’ll be glad you did.

To schedule a visit from Grammar Electrical, contact us or complete this service request form. You’ll be glad you did.