Extractor Fans

Extractor fans

Many Auckland homes are suffering from mildew and mold in their bathrooms. We can fix a bathroom fan to help with the moisture in the area. Apart from being an important part of your home’s ventilation system, exhaust fans in bathrooms has its advantages.   Not only can they help fissile out bad smells, but they can also redirect moist air to un-fog mirrors and making for a better or more friendly temperature.


Some of them even serve multiple functions. They can get rid of stale air, serve as light overheating source and serve as the heat source during winter. They come in various sizes so as to fit into almost any available space. They are particularly beneficial to enclosed bathrooms that have no windows because of the very small natural ventilation which they get. Contact us today to know more about bathroom fan installation.

Will ensure you get the exhaust that is perfect for your space.


Extractor  Fan Installation


Why should I do Bathroom Fan Installation?

Bathroom exhaust fans bring out the moisture from the room.  Moisture building up in the bathroom is not desirable for many reasons. The paint or wall paper may peel off as a result of this bathroom moisture. It can also cause the doors to warp, floors to bow and support the growth of mildew and mold. With the humid weather in Auckland, bathroom fans are necessary.


Why Get Professional Extractor Fan Installation?

Improper installation can go unnoticed because the exhaust fans are partially concealed by the ceiling.  If the humid air dissipates into the ceiling, it may settle on wood surfaces inside the ceiling. After a while, it may cause mold or serious wood rot.  Also, fans that are vented through the roof need to be properly closed. The electrical wiring needs a technical touch and can be dangerous when handled by a novice.


To schedule a visit from Grammar Electrical’s expert extractor fan purchase, installation and repairs service, contact us or complete this service request form. You’ll be glad you did.

To schedule a visit from Grammar Electrical, contact us or complete this service request form. You’ll be glad you did.