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Family-owned electricians servicing Auckland

At Grammar Electrical™ we provide the full range of electrical experts for your home and business. Our team of Registered Master Electricians have provided top-in-field services for over 70 years. Our electricians deliver on all jobs from small to large-scale commercial and industrial projects. We are your on-time, on budget, electricians for any job – our focus is efficiency, safety, attention to detail and cost.

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Choosing Grammar Electrical™

When you choose our team, you choose peace of mind.

Established & Reliable

Established in 1948, we are a highly experienced team with a long track record of successful commercial, maintenance, and emergency electrical work.

Electricians with Capacity

As New Zealand’s largest ‘jobbing’ staff for under 2-day jobs, our dedicated team of estimators are ready and can get you a FREE installation quote within 12-72 hours. Our quoting system is based on 100,000+ hours of work to ensure your quote is as precise as possible.

Transparent Working Relationships

We offer full visibility and reporting on job progress as well as direct communication with all staff involved in your project (from electricians and project managers through to contracts managers and company owners).

Highly Responsive

We are always prepared to respond to your electrical emergencies and breakdowns on a 24/7 basis (including public holidays).

Effective emergency response requires the knowledge and skills to solve problems on the spot. All our staff are extensively and continuously trained to enact immediate breakdown fixes and faults without costly delays.

Service Quality

Grammar Electrical nurtures a strong company culture of customer service through detailed workmanship. Our NZ Registered Master Electricians in Auckland, Hamilton and Whangarei come with practising licenses, ECANZ and Safepower Assured workmanship and safety guarantees.  We also have an NZ-wide network of electrical experts for staff advice on any technically unique jobs.

How to choose an electrician for your home or business

Whether you’re after an Auckland electrician or in any other part of the country, here are a few things you shouldn’t miss.

About the company

Founded in 1948 by the Dempsey family, Grammar Electrical is Auckland’s leading commercial and industrial electrical service providers. Over the years, fast adoption of new technologies, such as project quoting and project planning tools, have enabled us to consistently deliver higher-quality professionals at a cheaper rate when compared to many smaller suppliers. With a reputation built on reliability, commitment to quality and exceptional customer service, our staff and technical expertise continue to grow as do our repeat client base throughout the wider Auckland region.

Our Values


Our Auckland electricians seek to build our external and internal professional relationships on trust.  We gain trust by listening and effectively communicating with our customers and clients and taking responsibility for the results. We are the most trusted electricians in Auckland because we care.


We are attentive to detail, no matter the project size. We ensure our electricians are equipped for every task so they can safely complete it in a timely and professional manner.

Continuous Improvement

We provide all our electricians with the latest training in safety, technical, and leadership skills so each employee can advance in their career. We take pride in our Registered Master electricians and provide them with the necessary tools to succeed.


We strive to make a lasting impact in our community by demonstrating trust to our customers and commending them for their loyalty.

Project Management and Delivery Experience

Efficient service projects start with great planning. Grammar Electrical has decades of experience in understanding the business needs of our clients. We are experts in matching those needs to correctly defined projects. We provide complete transparency in how we deliver our services and focus on affordable and cost-effective budgeting.

Three Generations Strong

Through the three generations of Dempsey family leadership, Grammar Electrical has grown and changed with the industry. We have dedicated ourselves to staying on the forefront of technology, yet we always bring the traditional values of family service to our community and customers.

Registered Master Electricians in Auckland – Safety and Workmanship Guarantee

Our team are registered Master Electricians who have to pass skill level tests as well as qualifications and legal background checks.

Our electricians are New Zealand Registered, maintain a Practicing License, and are Safepower Assured, which covers all electrical work including a $10,000 guarantee. All of our staff carry appropriate identification and have passed a police check for your peace of mind.

Grammar staff are Registered Master Electricians and members of the Electrical Contractors Association of New Zealand. ECANZ provides the programs to ensure electrical services contractors receive consistent training and their knowledge is regularly updated. ECANZ also supplies a Quality Assurance program and a $20,000 workmanship guarantee.

We get the job done safely, on time and on budget.

Meet Grammar Electrical's leadership team

Aaron Dempsey photo

Aaron Dempsey

Timothy Ballentyne photo

Nick Pearson

General Manager
Timothy Ballentyne photo

Timothy Ballentyne

Contracts Manager
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Project Manager
Jon Southwick photo


Industrial Manager
Jon Southwick photo


Human Resources Manager
Jon Southwick photo


CFO (Chief Frisbee Officer)

Aaron Dempsey


Nick Pearson

General Manager

Ever Leigh Chua

General Manager for Administration


Human Resources Manager

Timothy Ballantyne

Contracts Manager


Operations Manager


Industrial Manager


GE Mascot

Expert Electrical Skills

New Zealand’s electrical services industry requires a broad range of training, qualifications, and certifications. We maintain the highest standards for our electricians’ skills and knowledge. Grammar Electrical™ services experts have received complete training and have the correct certifications to perform their work.

Qualifications and Guarantees

Registered Electricians

Grammar Electricians are New Zealand Registered, maintain a Practicing License, and are Safepower Assured. This designation provides the benefit of a $10,000 guarantee covering all electrical work. Our Auckland electricians have passed a police check. Grammar employees carry appropriate identification to ensure our customers’ peace of mind.

Master Electricians

Grammar provides Master Electricians who are members of the Electrical Contractors Association of New Zealand. ECANZ provides the programs that ensure electrical services contractors receive consistent training and their knowledge is regularly updated. This organization provides a Quality Assurance program and a $20,000 workmanship guarantee.

Your Electrical Certifications

Certificates of Compliance

We ensure our customers have all the necessary certifications. For example, Grammar Electrical™ is qualified to provide Certificates of Compliance. This is required when new or additional wiring is installed. We also provide Electrical Safety Certificates. These are legally recognized statements that certify compliance with building codes.

Building Warranties of Fitness

Grammar Electrical™ works with corporate entities, facility managers, and property owners to ensure their buildings meet all requirements of compliance. We can provide Building Warranties of Fitness to verify our customers have met all of the required maintenance, inspection, and reporting procedures.

We Offer Great Careers

A Family Business Environment

There are Electrical Services firms—and there is Grammar Electrical™. We stand apart from the crowd by offering a family business environment. Our leadership team will make sure you have the professional equipment and company support so that you complete the work to your standards of excellence.

Expand Your Horizons

Grammar Electrical™ offers the opportunity to expand your professional skill set. For example, our Intelligent Systems Division is at the forefront of new technologies such as automation, remote monitoring, and CCTV. We would be happy to discuss our employment opportunities and the value we can bring to your career.

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