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Health and Safety

All our commercial electricians possess a sound knowledge of health and safety practices to make your business safe. Here are a list of electrical health and safety policies that Grammar Electrical work with.

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At the top of our priority list is the health and safety of all those we work and partner with – that includes our employees, our customers and their employees, and all visitors to the sites we work on during and after job completion.

Every member of the Grammar Electrical™ team is committed to upholding our comprehensive health and safety policy which means:

  • Identifying, assessing and controlling all possible risks before commencing any job.
  • Being aware of and complying with all current law, regulations, and codes of practice.
  • Immediate attention to, and investigation of, all workplace incidents and near misses so that we are constantly improving our health and safety practices.
  • Providing ongoing training to all Grammar Electrical™ team members to ensure safe site practices always.
  • Emergency Action Plan- STAFF 2019.
  • Maintaining membership of Site Safe and incorporating their training and safety ethos into our daily work.

Our Auckland-based commercial electricians possess a sound understanding of safety practices and are certified for any job they undertake, from electrical practices, jobs at height, confined space jobs, and more.

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All members of the Grammar Electrical™ team are Registered Master Electricians with current practising licences and fully-supervised electrical apprentices.

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Health and Safety Accreditations

Grammar Electrical™ is a member of Master Electricians – formerly knowns as the Electrical Contractors Association of New Zealand (ECANZ). Master Electricians monitor their members to ensure standards of electrical workmanship are high.

Our electricians are Safepower Assured, which covers all electrical work including a $10,000 guarantee.

All our commercial electricians are backed by Master Electrician’s $20,000 workmanship guarantee for your peace of mind.

Site Safe nurtures a culture of workplace health and safety in the trades industry. We have electrical technicians who are Site Safe members and support workplace safety- whether that be in the warehouse, office, factory, within company vehicles and on project sites.

The Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB) promotes safety by ensuring that all electricians are certified and competent to use tools and technology safely. The EWRB also ensures regular competency training and refresher courses. Our technicians are members of the EWRB and undergo training regularly to remain competent and knowledgeable in their field.

We are a Registered Independent Qualified Person. That means, we are qualified to:

  • Inspect and report on specified building systems, i.e. in our case, electrical systems.
  • Follow the requirements set out in a building’s compliance schedule.
  • Supply any other supporting documentation confirming compliance, such as certificates of compliance, i.e. in our case, electrical compliance.
  • Maintain a building’s electrical systems to perform and operate effectively. Book Online

We have completed the PREQUAL Contractor assessment and pre-qualification process. This means:

  • Our health & safety policies, practices and procedures have been independently assessed.
  • Our insurances have been verified and we’re committed to keeping them current.
  • We recognise the value and importance of contractor pre-qualifications in cooperation with clients and other contractors.
  • We meet the requirements of our clients who require us to have completed the PREQUAL assessment.
  • We take the health and safety of our people seriously and are committed to doing the right thing.

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