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Textile Center

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Textile Center

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St Georges Bay Road, Parnell, Auckland 1052

Project Type:


  • Test and Tag
  • Remove Obsolete Stairwell Ceiling Lights
  • Move Lights on Callaghan Wall
  • Lift and Hoist Feeds
  • Remove Lights in level 4 ceiling
  • Hallway electrics
  • Level 2 Power
  • Check cables on Level 2 Switchboard
  • Relocation of Existing Switchboard
  • Reinstate Cable tray on level 2
  • Connect Power Supply to Lift Control Board
  • Wire power plugs to new office
  • Isolate, disconnect and remove existing electrical fittings and cabling. Make safe anything that is to be reused.
  • Relocate existing lift sub mains from existing location to new location of recessed panel on level 4 and disconnection and removal of second lift mains cable that is now redundant.
  • Install new lighting for storage room and two new meeting rooms as per drawings. Two LED batten lightsto be installed for storage room and one Rover 2000mm, 4000K, Direct, suspended linear LED light fitting to be installed in each of the two meeting rooms with local light switches for each new room.
  • Install new LED exit lights for each new room.
  • Install new power circuits and outlets as per drawings, including 10A IP rated outlet in lift pit for connection of sump pump.
  • Issue of documentation upon completion of project including certification, test sheets, as built drawings and O&M manual.
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